Blockchain technology-based solution and services

• Hyperledger-based private and public system solution
• PasS based on Blockchain backbone frame™ (high performance blockchain engine)
• Consulting, SI and Service

Blockchain Technology

  • Hyperledger-based appliance
    - reducing hardware bottlenecks of blockchain data flow
    - easy access and scalability guaranteed
    - high TPS for blockchain nodes
    - provide a channel for marketplace

  • Enterprise blockchain platform (cloud type)
  • Standard Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform
  • High performance blockchain platform

  • blockchain appliance : proprietary high-performance corporate blockchain platform in company
  • blockchain private cloud : high-performance blockchain platform between companies
  • public blockchain cloud : high-performance blockchain platform for start-up and small companies
  • blockchain development framework notebook : automatic publishing for blockchain related software (DApp)
  • blockchain marketplace : easy trade blockchain DApp for developers and buyers

System Business

  • Based on effective blockchain engine and PaaS
  • Consulting, SI, service business applied field knowledge by blockchain PaaS

Business Opportunity

  • Business of new digital paradigm such as reconstruction existing business using blockchain core engine, DApp technology and crossover community between industry group
    - Business restructuring for the new digital paradigm
    - Crossover community business opportunities using blockchain and related digital transformation

Business Strategy

Design a circulating ecosystem for VSCC(Value Sharing Coin Circulation) through invitation of various global fandom-hold players